what to do when your bored at home alone

What to Do When Your Bored at Home Alone: Do These 30 Things

I ám bored! What to do when your bored at home alone?

Don t worry, because we are going to kill that boredom with some fun, productive, and creative ideas of things to when you’re bored at home.

1. Do a quick home workout

Its time to grab your phone, tune some cool music and start doing some push-up. It might be 20, 40, 60, or 100 push-ups, and after you do also 20, 30, 40, 70, or 100 legs-ups. This first makes you pass time and boost your body stronger.

2. Organize your closet

Another good thing you can do is having your closet well organized can help you find things clearly and fast some times when on time to go. this also falls into what to do when you’re bored at home alone.

3. Make a vision board or list of goals

A goal/vision board helps you to know where you would like to be in the future. Place it clearly where you see it every day and make yourself accountable.

4. Learn something new

GO!! online and find something to learn it could be a new language this will help you pass time. You can learn a lot of things online and in turn make money out of it.

5. Work on your social skills

Are you shy? or you’re not a person who doesn’t talk to people. Why don’t you go out and start talking to random people? Every time you talk to one more person, you develop social skills and also make you socially stronger.

6. Figure out ways to make more money

There are multiple ways you can make money online and offline. So go to google you will find 1000’s of ways to make money. Businesses you can start with small to zero investment never know you may land on the billionaire businessman.

7. Find a way to volunteer

So you’re wondering if this is also one of the what to do when your bored at home alone, yes it is.
You can use that time to help others. So go online and finds ways you can reach out and use that time to help others.

8. Bake (Also a what to do when your bored at home alone)

This is also another fun and cool thing to do. Even if you’re not good at baking but so much fun. Go on youtube and learn as you bake. You do cookies, bread, cakes, or things you like the most. You’re killing 2 birds with one stone, hungry, and then boredom.


Whether you’re writing a short story or a comic its fun, interesting and at the same time helps you improve your writing skills.

9. Video Chat

You do video chat with your friends and family may be on WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Skype, Facebook messenger.

10. Find a new show on Netflix

This is also one of the best what to do when your bored at home alone. Go to Netflix there is plenty of new shows to watch or watch a movie.

11. Online shopping

Online shopping you probably need some money, if even you just search for things to buy later and add them to the cart or wish list. This also helps you pass time bored at home.

12. Do photography

Taking pictures is also another interesting stuff. Even if you don,t take photos of yourself you can go around and take the interesting cat or dog photos, plants, or buildings.

13. Clean the house

This is the right time to clean the entire house or your room. Get and put stuff clearly where they are supposed to be, throw out nonimportant stuff.

Other what to do when your bored at home alone things include;

  • Learn new tricks with your pet
  • Call a friend maybe a long time no see a friend
  • Read a book
  • There is a list of fun things you can do. Fun activities such as playing video games.
  • Write a song when you’re bored
  • Find out the purpose of life
  • Paint a portrait of yourself
  • Learn to play piano
  • You can plant flowers like in your backyard
  • Write a novel when you’re bored
  • You can make a short movie with your phone
  • Do the laundry
  • Feel bored meditate
  • Play board games
  • Spend time do deep cleaning of your living room
  • Start a course
  • Read the news
  • Do your hair, there are a lot of hairstyles you can do on youtube and pass time.
  • There is this social app called Tiktok, get onto it, there a lot of #challenges like dancing, DIY and so many others.
  • Maybe you can do skincare of your face, do some face scrub, and clean out pimples and blackheads if you have any.
  • Get out your makeup case, fit some makeup brushes, clean them, and organize your make tolls in the right way.
  • You can also create fun memes, post them on your social media networks, you never know they might go viral.
  • Go Netflix and watch the greatest comedies, series, Tv shows, and movies of all time.
    Get your album, cleaning getting old photos, and rearrange them.
  • Just put a concert for yourself.
  • Maybe you can plant some small flowers and trees in your backyard.
  • Learn how to knit a sweater
  • Learn how to make home remedies
  • Memorize the songs you love.
  • Create a website a personal blog or maybe about your business


Which one of these what to do when your bored at home alone are you practicing, or what did you use to kill the boredom that we did not mention here?
Share in the comment section below.

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